15 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2012

So far the year 2011 has brought upon some amazing changes in design and Internet technology. Web development has become a much smoother subject to jump into learning, not to mention the countless open source libraries useful in streamlining the process. And yet it seems the global design community is far from throwing in the towel.

web design trend 2012 15 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2012

I want to introduce 15 ideas which have grown very rapidly over the past year. These trends encompass web and graphics design techniques which will likely play a big role moving into 2012. You have probably seen a few of these represented throughout many of your favorite sites online.

Thankfully the methods to implement these features are becoming easier to understand and much slimmer in code.

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  1. For a few years, web designers and developers began creating clean and simple websites for better mobile performance. Since then, the number of mobile searches has gone ever-upward, and mobile-first design for websites is now a necessity, not just an option. Image-heavy websites load slowly and frustrate mobile users. We suggest this to our SEO team as chiropractic marketing ideas and they did implement it and got huge spike in traffic.

    Clean, minimalist designs, or flat designs, are characterized by loading quickly and are currently trendy and desirable for two important reasons. First, both mobile users and desktop browsers can experience quick-loading websites. Secondly, they can hold high SEO value. Flat design helps a site fulfil a lot of the speed requirements that search engines are starting to require. This’s why the flat design has started to become popular and will continue to be trendy into 2019.

    Flat design doesn’t mean that everything is reduced down to two dimensions — it’s all about minimalism and usability. It’s a design aesthetic that gets rid of clutter and focuses on the important parts of your website. Utilizing bright colours, clean and crisp edges, and lots of open space, flat design is a refreshing change from distracting and slow-loading hi-res image-based designs.


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