Understanding Cloud Computing

As many businesses and organizations are increasingly moving towards internet for their every day tasks, the potential of internet grows and the model in which businesses work is changing and evolving. One of the best examples of this is an emergence of cloud computing services.

Cloud computing services are outsourcing of IT services of an organization to a different company where everything is managed by a company through the cloud. The term ‘cloud’ in cloud computing refers to internet and a family of servers.

There are few things which makes cloud computing broader then hosting services is that in cloud computing a company only pays for resources they use, they can adjust the amount of services based on their needs and these services are completely managed by their service providers.

Cloud computing services also include virtual data storage where you store your virtual data offsite on secure servers of cloud computing service providers rather then your own and can access that data from anywhere using internet.

By using cloud computing you can avoid your capital expenditure on hardware, software and services and pay your provider only for what you had used.
There are both public and private cloud computing services. Examples of public cloud computing services include free email service that are provided by websites like gmail, hotmail and yahoo etc, and photo sharing services by websites like flickr and photobucket.

Public cloud computing services are free and are available to everyone on internet. While Private cloud computing services are only available to the specific clientel, these include dedicated servers, enterprise hosting services etc.

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