Managed or an Un-Managed Server?

While you surf the internet for offerings of a server hosting company, it could be very difficult for you to choose a specific service because there is no set standard of services. Companies have a host of benefits to offer and these vary from company to company. Hiring a hosting service is a crucial decision and you need to decide whether to hire a managed server or an unmanaged one.

If you want 99.99% uptime go for a managed server. Managed hosting equips you with a 24hr professional support and expertise that keeps your server always up. Managed servers are kept well maintained along with the routine software upgrades.

Managed hosting comes at an expensive price when compared to an unmanaged one, but hiring a good hosting company can really help you get rid of all recurring checkups, upgrades, monitoring plus you do not have to employ additional resources to set up or maintain your server to take care of everyday operations of your server.

On the other hand, an unmanaged server does not really mean that your server is left all on its own. Almost all the server hosting companies offer technical assistance, support, hardware maintenance, configuration and installation of software free of any extra cost.

An unmanaged hosting may come at a far cheaper price. If you need support or assistance of any sort, most of the hosting companies offer hourly support packages that are easily affordable. But before you hire unmanaged services make sure that you know how to operate and manage a server on your own, be able to re-boot the system and so on..

Choosing a managed or unmanaged server solely depends on the technical requirements of your site and more importantly your ability to manage your server efficiently. If you’re looking for professionals who can help you with web hosting, contact the hosting experts at


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