Learning the E-Way

Computer based learning has taken toll in the past decade, more and more educationalists, institutions, research centers, and even defense institutes have implemented e-learning  programs in their curriculum, this has developed an increased understanding within the students.

E-learning is a creative way of establishing symbioses between a student and a teacher, enabling a student to understand complicated courses within the course in a subtle and inventive realm without making a student lose his concentration. An e-learning program involves multifarious things running simultaneously to give blow life in to the curriculum and make it look more exciting.

Instructional design is the most important factor in an e-learning program which serves as oxygen for all the necessary steps involved in learning. E-learning courses or curriculum vary according to the audiences to which the course is targeted and the achievements that are to be made after the completion of the course. There are a number of things running behind an e-learning program this which include graphical tools, 2D/3D animation tools, programming/scripting and web-development languages.

A successful e-learning program always comprises of three basic components.

  • Easy to comprehend.

  • Easy to use.

  • Contents are lucid and clear.

Distant Learning is now a possibility just because of the invention of e-learning programs. A doctor conducting a research in remote areas of Antarctica can duly update his fellow students on his research. Direct them what to study and give them hints on how to achieve results.

E-learning in today’s world has been a driving phenomenon in preaching and imparting pedagogical inventions and enabling students to be proactive than the previous ages. A student today is kept better updated by e-learning programs that the previous generations.


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