Why you can still use hotmail for your Business Communications?

While going through my usual daily "Info Grasping" routine, i came across the following news post:


"Security firm criticises the Justice Secretary for using a Hotmail email account to talk to his constituents and government contacts."

This is something not new in general. I have seen a lot of professionals and businesses still using the free email accounts for the official communication. I don't blame them either, it is easy, they are familiar with the interface and it gets their message across. but at the government level, this really is a security issue. We all know about Sara Palin email hack story.

Coming back to the Business Use of the Free Email Accounts, there are ways now you can still use your old free email service provider and portray yourself as a true businessman. And you can blame all this on Google if you want. Following Gmail, now hotmail and yahoo are offering the service of Sending Email with a different email address using their services. You can set up your business email account in Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail and start receiving and sending emails as jone.doe@mybusiness.com. But to do so, you obviously need a business email account.

Why you need a Business email account:

Simple, it looks professional. It makes you unique and the client get impressed. And one thing people do not really realize is that your Business Email Address is the most easiest, cheapest and effective marketing tool you have. When you send an email from your business domain email account, people receiving it do check the domain name associated with your email address 95% of times. This gives you more exposure and opportunity to promote your services from your website.

So get a website for your business today and start rolling. When you get a domain, you get the emails with that as well. And this small investment on your website can attract a lot of people walk into your store.

A j Rana
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