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GDPR: Why It's Important and How to Keep Your Website Compliant

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been on the lips of everyone for quite some time now.  But why exactly does your business website need to be compliant?
First of all, what is GDPR? GDPR is the replacement for the 1995 Data Protection Act. It was designed and adapted in 2016 with the aim of protecting how personal information of European Union citizens is collected, stored, and shared. It came into full effect last May.
Who does GDPR apply to?GDPR basically applies to anyone who makes use of data and resides in the EU. Even non-European Union citizens will still be affected by GDPR. This is because nearly every company that one deals with, especially online, tend to have customers that reside in the EU.  The driving goal behind GDPR is to ensure that companies who deal with personal information of customers are completely transparent on how they intend to use customers’ info, as well as how such info will be preserved. The reason for all this fuss is to guarantee the utmo…

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