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Free Online Tools to Scan Your Website for Vulnerabilities

Website Security is a big concern for everyone today, from web developers all the way down to end-users. The fear of ever-evolving viruses, malware and countless other threats in 2019 is real as real can be. Most webmasters pay attention to web design, SEO, and content and reduce the security aspect to the back burner. But anyone who owns or uses a website should implement security measures (as top priority) to protect their site and the website’s users. Else you may lose all that hard work in the event of an attack. You need to be sure that your website stays in line with security standards to guarantee consistent protection. How can you ensure your website’s safety? You need to scan your website often so as to quickly detect and snuff out any threats. These are the top online tools you can use to do scan your website effectively.

cWatch Site Scanner
cWatch Site Scanner looks out for threats, risks scans for outdated software that may be vulnerable, and identifies the blacklist stat…

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