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Website Security- 3 Quick Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

If you own a website or you are thinking of owning one, then you should consider security as one of the key aspects of your website’s survival. There are few things you need to keep note of when running routine checks (and please make these regular!) that will ensure your safety. Here are three quick ways to keep your WordPress website away from the reach of harm.
Always Update Your WordPress WordPress releases updates regularly, and with each update, there are accompanying security improvements. Lots of bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed with each WP update so if you’ve been running earlier versions of WP, then you better start updating right away. If you don’t, you’re opening your website up to several possibilities of harm. Updating your WP is pretty simple: just head to your dashboard and click on the “WordPress [new version] is available! Please update now!” announcement on the top of your dashboard page and download automatically. It’s that easy and won’t take more than a …

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