Monday, March 20, 2017

How to convert your readers into customers

Curating content to engage your audience is one thing, using the same to convert your readers in to customers is another. To master that art, you need some improvisation. Today we will tell you how to not only engage your audience but also convert them in to an addition to your bottom line.

Your content could be as crisp as it can get but if it fails to activate its readers to follow the call to action then it only serves half its purpose. Have you ever thought why some online content comes in the form of lists? The reason is obvious. Lists are easy to digest and remember. It engages both kinds of customers, those who just swift through it quickly and those who read the entire thing. Simply because it’s it bite size chunks thanks to its nature.

The other reason to stick with lists is because scientists say that list are more likely to stick in readers’ heads. Readers who skim are more likely to pick up the main points, and readers who don’t skim are more likely to stick with an article until it’s complete.

Peer pressure is one more thing that works to your advantage when creating content. Show your customers tweets from people using your product. point out the likes you have on your social media page. Include a counter for how many of a certain product you’ve sold on your Web site.

Include all those positives that will make your consumer be part of the ongoing trend and eventually turn in to a sale. It is an essential and effective tool when you let people know how other people are doing something in droves. It works as a stimulus for them to be a part of it and that becomes a conversion for you.

You need to create that sense of urgency. When creating content, you need to keep in mind that people want to do things quick.

Make things available for a limited time. The concept of limited editions has been around for ages, but with the internet allowing for the quick dissemination of information, temporary products are becoming more and more commonplace.

When devising your content strategy make sure to include sales campaigns into it and limited editions for your products.

These are the tips that will help you gain most out of your content and help convert your readers into customers.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Things You Shouldn’t Assume Your Web Designer Knows

When you hire a web designer, there are certain things that you shouldn’t take for granted and start believing that your hire must already know about certain things. You’ve got to ensure that both you and the web designer are on the same page when it comes down to strategy and execution.

First thing first, your web designer is essentially an executioner. Most people think when they hire a web designer, that he or she must already know the principle of form and function. Fair enough, you assume that one must know it since they’re in the relevant field where this principal is one of the basic things one should be accustomed to. But make sure that they understand that your website must be functional as well as how important it is for it to carry the form that it demands.

Your website designer sure must be on the top of his or hers game when it came down to designing a website but they’re surely not familiar with the kind of marketing message that you want your website to shout. Make sure that you brief them properly and check their understanding that they fully comprehend the kind of marketing strategy you follow for your business. It is essential that they do grasp it, since it will help them visualize your website accordingly.

Accessibility guidelines are important for a web designer to understand. Although we assume that most of the designers must know these guidelines since they’ve been working in the industry, but trust us, you’d come across those who haven’t even come across the term and end up breaking the law for you. So make sure to check their knowledge about the accessibility guidelines for websites and ensure that these are followed by the designer.

Anybody who’s connected to online business sure does know what SEO stands for and what it is for. But different individuals have different knowledge about the intricacies of an effective SEO. It is highly imperative that the person responsible for building a website for your business must not only know how important SEO is but actually build your website from an effective SEO point of view.

Last but not the least; give your web designer an extensive lay down on the activities, products and services of your business. Make sure that they thoroughly understand the nature of your business and most importantly the kind of image you want your website to project. Check their understanding. Ask them questions. See if they need more elaborated information on about your business. Don’t leave it till the last moment when it’ll take you extra time for your project to finish since you don’t think the website aligns perfectly with your business’ image.

All in all, do not leave it to the web designer to do wonders and miracles for you if you don’t fill them in with the information that you believe would help them build a perfect website. A few brainstorming sessions and information sharing go a long way in ensuring a perfect outcome.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why Fake News Will Change SEO Forever

The real presidential winner announced! Popular votes count against the Electoral College! Hillary trumps Donald! Read the full story!

Ha! Gotcha!

Well this is how fake news works and the real news behind the lines? Well, SEO.

But this all is about to change, the SEO will change with that news forever.

Just this week, Google and Facebook announced they decided to crack down on fake news sites by refusing to display ads from these fake news sites.

But how will this news change SEO?

Well, you see, have you ever wondered how did fake news sites get so popular? We can all thank SEO for this one. According to the Facebook algorithm, the more popular a news story is, the more likely you will see that story jump up in your news feed. And with an attention-grabbing headline like “The real presidential winner announced!” you’re going to want to not only read the article, but react to it, comment on it, and share it with your friends.

This decision from top two sites of the world will hit SEO practices hard, one which will shape the future of SEO. Anyone can put anything on the internet and say it’s true. And if it’s popular with a lot of backlinks and strong content, then chances are it’s going to rank on the search engines.

If a news story is coming from a news organization that you never heard of, chances are it’s just click bait. An example of Click bait we practiced right at the beginning of this article where we created a fake hook just to demonstrate how it works.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5 Web Statistics You Should Know and Love

Trust us, as an online strategy outfit, we meet people who’re so happy about how thousands of people visit their website every month. But unfortunately, getting traffic to your website is not a guarantee that your sales would go off the roof too.

When we ask these people where is the website traffic coming from? What Web pages are visitors landing on the most? What percentage of visitors return to the site? How many visitors convert into customers? These people are clueless.

This where web statistics play a vital role and that is why you must know these stats. Here are 5 stats you must know about your website.

First, you must know how many new visitors are coming to your website. You don’t want someone who’s merely looking you up just to find out your postal address. You must know where this traffic is generating from. Because it’s genuine.

Second, how would you know if your traffic is genuine? This is where your second stat comes in. Keywords. Yes. You must know what keyword drew your visitor to your website. If somebody writes ‘digital agency’ to find you, we’d rather somebody specifically typed ‘digital strategy’. That way if you know this stat, you’d pay more attention to the later one because you know that typing in something more specific means they mean business.

Third, you must know how traffic is generating through social media for you. If you know the statistic that tells you how effective your social media strategy is in bringing in genuine traffic to your website then you’re in a win win situation since you can capitalize your efforts on social media. Hence, it’s imperative that you knew this stat.

Fourth, you must know that stat for number of people who either stay on your home page for a bit and then leave without even bothering to explore your website further and those who delve deeper in your web presence. It’s a vitally important stat as it tells you whether your homepage is performing at par or needs improvement.

Fifth, you must know if your visitors are even interested in your services or products page because if they’re not then you have a problem.

These are all vital web statistics that you must know about in order to stay at par with your competition and with the pace of the world in the upcoming new year. Stay in the know. Ciao!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to Crush Your Online Competitors in 2017?

Year 2017 is ready to take flight. But are you ready to meet the challenges it will through at your business during its course?

Let us ask you a few questions. Let’s see how much you know how your presence fairs online.

Do you know the virtual footfall on your website every month, in simpler terms, how many people visit your website every month?

How concerned are you about keeping tabs on your bounce rate?

If you did a comparative analysis what would be the difference between the numbers of visitors to your website this month as compared to the last month?

What keywords do you prioritize the most and how do you make sure they work for you?

What are the most common traffic generating sources for your website?

If you find yourself scratching your head in finding answers to these questions, then, well , you’re not really prepared for the new year, are you?

Worry not, let us tell you how your new year digital targets can be met in order to through your competition out of business (or at least out of competition).

In order to keep tabs on your website, first you need to familiarize yourself with certain resources that help you do just that. On top of the list is Alexa. Alexa helps you determine what rank your website holds. If your Alexa Traffic Rank is in the millions, your website doesn’t exist to the world. If you can get your Alexa Traffic Rank under 100,000 you are doing better than most websites in the world. You can install the Alexa extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser for free.

Google Analytics is another tool that gets categorized as a must to monitor your website in order to better operate it and outdo your competition in 2017. Your Google Analytics stats will tell you how many visitors come to your site: where they come from, how much time they spend there, your bounce rate, and much more.

Know your keywords. Your keywords describe what you do, who are you customers, what is your specialty and where do you do business. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a free tool that helps you with managing your keywords.

Last but not the least is creating content that makes your visitors content with what you do. Whatever your content strategy includes, videos, podcasts, infographics, case studies, white papers, webinars, surveys, presentations, just make sure they’re aligned with what you do.

Follow these words of advice and you’ll do just fine in the new year and we’re sure your competition will have to work extra hard to come anywhere near you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Social Media Success Stories

Social media is about stories. Stories of personal endeavours. Stories of brands how they make inroads in to people’s lives. Stories of how the state’s affairs are being run. Stories of what’s going on in the world and how. Stories of a mum how she spends her day with her kids. Stories of all sorts. Stories of all types.

If you’re not a good storyteller, don’t expect to do wonders in the world of social media. A world that not only craves stories but actually thrives on them.

You’ve got to create that hook right at the beginning for your reader in the social world that makes him stick to your content right the way through. How do you do that? Let us explain.

People already have an opinion about your brand or business based on the content and marketing efforts you created in the past. It sticks in their heads. They create your image in their mind. Brand positioning, to be prĂ©cised. Know how you’re perceived by your audience well in advance before you start throwing content in the social media. If you know what your target audience knows about your brand, you know how to make them know better, if you know what we mean.

Do NOT ignore what your business stands for ethically i.e. you core values. Whatever story you create to effectively tell what your business is all about, make sure it tags along your core values. If it doesn’t then you’ll be hitting a tangent that makes your story take a turn that you did not want it to.

Do you wish to cement your brand’s position in your customers’ heart? Are you looking to get your name registered in the mind of new audience? Ask these fundamental questions to help plot your story more effectively. Your purpose should be absolutely clear for the purpose of creating hot leads through effective storytelling.

Would you play on a news piece if your audience were full of punk rockers? No, you obviously wouldn’t. Know your audience, that’s the moral of the story. If you know what they’re in to then you’d be able to get them in to what you want them to step in.

Would you share your story with your social media acquaintances purely on merit? If you answer this in ‘yes’ then you’re on the right path. It’s about your story’s worth. If you personally don’t feel you can share it with your friends and family because you think it’s not quality enough then you know your story’s worth is not as great as it could’ve been.

Keep these factors in mind, devise a story worth spreading and voilĂ !

Thursday, November 3, 2016


The phrase ‘going flat’ is always taken in a negative connotation, but not with the latest fad in website designing, where the designs are literally going flat.

Looks like flat website design is well settled and is here to stay, at least till the near future it seems. The debate is, whether flat design is just a passing fad or is it the web’s permanent new look, and that remains to be seen, but so far the web has gone flat for sure.

Like the hottest fashion fads, website design trends come and go. The days when carousel sliders and sidebars ruled the Web are long gone. In the last few years, flat websites have taken over. So why exactly the web designers are going flat these days? It’s pretty simple. The web user these days is way savvier, say, more than what their parents are used to back in the days during the 90’s and 00’s.

90’s and 00’s saw the rise of shades and textures to bring users’ eyes to particular point. However, these days the users are well versed in navigating their way through a website a lot easier. Hence, no need of fancy work really.

One more reason why flat design is rising is because of its lighter nature, it takes less time to load for flat design websites. They look more clean and professional. According to Bluehost, these sites offer perfect scalability for mobile devices. These attributes not only enhance UX but also improve a site’s PageRank.

It’s not necessary that you jump the bandwagon simply because every other business is doing so. You need to look at it and study carefully whether you need a transition to a flat design and whether it strikes a chord with your digital strategy. Only after you’ve weighed in the pros and cons you should go for a flat design.

A flat user interface is more efficient and predictable – at least for experienced Web users. Instead of scrolling through various menus, flat websites lay icons and buttons side by side in a predictable fashion. Further, when it comes to mobile web, no website will be successful without a mobile-friendly interface. More than 50 percent of Internet activity in the United States takes place on mobile devices. Flat websites are perfect for mobile devices due to their fast load times and attractive scalability.

Businesses are attracted to more than the aesthetics of flat web design. The fast load times, mobile-responsive interface and predictable layout improves UX, which influences both PageRank and conversion rates. Also, flat websites tend to cost less because they do not require as much custom coding.

It remains to be seen whether the flat design will survive the onslaught of contemporary trends and fads in website deigning or will it be a bottle-rocket fad that will burn out as fast as it took off. Let’s see if it is the new way forward for the web that remains popular for decades to come and whether it will inspire an entire new generation of designers and developers or will they shy away from it in the future.