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How to convert your readers into customers

Curating content to engage your audience is one thing, using the same to convert your readers in to customers is another. To master that art, you need some improvisation. Today we will tell you how to not only engage your audience but also convert them in to an addition to your bottom line.
Your content could be as crisp as it can get but if it fails to activate its readers to follow the call to action then it only serves half its purpose. Have you ever thought why some online content comes in the form of lists? The reason is obvious. Lists are easy to digest and remember. It engages both kinds of customers, those who just swift through it quickly and those who read the entire thing. Simply because it’s it bite size chunks thanks to its nature.
The other reason to stick with lists is because scientists say that list are more likely to stick in readers’ heads. Readers who skim are more likely to pick up the main points, and readers who don’t skim are more likely to stick with an article …

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